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Setting up the mogstored storage nodes

Page history last edited by Brian Kruger 11 years, 3 months ago

Mogstored is a real easy setup.


Assuming you've got mogstored installed, the configuration file is very simple:


maxconns = 10000 

httplisten =

mgmtlisten =

docroot = /var/mogdata



maxconns = maximum number of connections at any one given point

httplisten = ip:port to listen on for GET/PUT requests (http) = listen to every bound ip

mgmtlisten = ip:port to listen on for PerlBal management port.

docroot = path of where to store files.


This configuration tends to live in /etc/mogilefs/mogstored.conf  , though YMMV will depend if you do custom setups, different packages specify different paths, etc.


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